Noiascape is a modern infrastructure for urban renting. A new approach committed to creating alternate ways to live and work in cities.

Put simply, Noiascape is a new way of thinking about places:

NOIA means new thinking,
new approach and new direction.
SCAPE means space, landscape,
communities and places.

Cities are Social

We believe that living in cities is a social experience established by meeting and interacting with people. So we’re creating a network of spaces across the city that can be accessed by a Noiscape ‘Community’.

That community means people like you. Living and working in the places we’ve produced means you have access to a variety of our shared spaces that we’ll be creating around London. From gardens to studies, living spaces to libraries.

When you live in a Noiascape building you are connected to something bigger and more social that stretches beyond your front door.

Whether we’re designing a small living space, or a large mixed use project, we follow a set of beliefs and ideas.

We think carefully about the work we do. How it’s made, how you use it, what it means, and the relationship it has with the community it’s part of.

We’ll admit it: we’re idealists.



Make unique places, create unexpected encounters.

Create buildings that talk to their surroundings, places for old cultures to live and new cultures to thrive. Unique and unexpected.


Difference creates preference.

Don’t follow suit. Offer alternatives and improve things. Change habits, open up possibilities and see the value in difference. Commit to creation not repetition.


Create long term and permanent not short term and transient.

Reinvest, reassess, revisit and reappraise spaces. In a world of the short term fix, be proud of a long term fixation.


Uniquity over ubiquity.

Find, meet, get to know and collaborate with craftspeople to create one-off, unique pieces. Don’t control the process, allow them to take control. Stand back and admire their work.


Invent Beautiful Everyday Rituals.

Opening a simple carton of juice can be a difficult process. An object so simple and everyday is therefore imbued with a new meaning. You try to open it, it’s difficult, it tears and the contents spill. This is your everyday ritual created by the failure of an object. So let’s invent some new positive everyday rituals, created by good design rather than bad. Maybe that’s the smell as you arrive somewhere, the feeling of taking off your shoes, the quietness of a space to eat or sit. We want to elevate the repeated nature of our everyday, making connections between what you do and how you feel. Creating beauty in something everyday.


Mark occasions.

We get to know the people using our spaces. We mark special occasions, we remember birthdays and give welcome gifts. We make living a human experience.


Don’t employ, collaborate.

We’re collaborators, not ‘staff’. We’re all part of the process and essential to its direction.


Let change develop you.

Think of change before development. Change to improve, innovate and get to ‘better’.


Challenge efficiency.

Be creative with investment and resources. Place beauty in some areas and function in others. Efficiency isn’t always the even spread of money but the clever use of it.


Assume everything is incomplete.

Keep investing and challenging. This manifesto is incomplete. Each new project will create new ideas that will add to it. Like you and us, it grows.