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  • Noiascape is a modern infrastructure for urban renting. A new approach committed to creating alternate ways to live and work in cities.

    Whether we’re designing a small living space or a large mixed use project, we follow a set of beliefs and ideas. This is our (Unfinished) Manifesto.

  • An (Unfinished) Manifesto Make unique places and create unexpected encounters

  • An (Unfinished) Manifesto Difference creates

  • An (Unfinished) Manifesto Create long term and permanent,
    not short term and transient

  • An (Unfinished) Manifesto Uniquity over ubiquity

  • An (Unfinished) Manifesto Invent Beautiful
    Everyday Rituals

  • An (Unfinished) Manifesto Mark occasions

  • An (Unfinished) Manifesto Don’t employ, collaborate

  • An (Unfinished) Manifesto Let change develop you

  • An (Unfinished) Manifesto Challenge efficiency

  • An (Unfinished) Manifesto Assume everything
    is incomplete

  • Céleste Boursier-Mougenot at London Barbican.
    A walk-through aviary inhabited by 40 zebra finches using
    bass guitars and Gibson Les Paul electric guitars as perches,
    and cymbals as feeders containing water and seeds.

  • Diamond Sea by Julien Pacaud

  • Stone Mason Steve Roche cutting a piece of cumbrian
    slate by hand in Yorkshire, UK. Film by Oliver Brian.

  • Chest of drawers XS for Droog by Tejo Remy #1/13

  • Created and art directed by Aleia Murawski & Alex Walbaum

  • A collection of moments taken from
    friends and relatives.

  • Illustration by James Gulliver Hancock

  • Papilio IX Papilio xeniades. Fig. 26. Accepted as Mimoides
    xeniades (Hewitson, 1867). Papilio hellanichus. Figs. 27,
    28. Accepted as Papilio hellanichus Hewitson, 1868. Papilio
    hypsicles. Fig. 29. Accepted as Papilio fuscus Goeze, 1779.

  • Do Play by KesselsKramer.
    Photographer – Harmen de Hoop

  • La Sagrada Familia Pic by Baldomer Gili i Roig, 1905.